My Drone Gear

My Drone Gear


This year has been a very productive time for me in regards to work and the personal projects I’ve accomplished to complete. I’ve finished and uploaded two giant series (Volumetric Renderer and Cloud Modelling), gathered ideas for many side projects and enhanced my skills in both houdini and programming. I will be continuing to create new stuff in my spare time but before I move on to future projects I wanted to give a short break and show you my drone collection that I work on my free time.

I’ve started building quadcopters 4 years ago when I was looking for a project that I could use my arduino programming on and decided to build a quadcopter. It was made out of balsa wood and had a terrible structure barely holding on. And It also crashed a wall on it’s first flight before seeing daylight. I’ve later dissected its components to give life to other drones which I will show next.

QAV 350 Racing/Cinematic Hexa

QAV 350 is a 350mm beast hexacopter I’ve built out of a custom carbon fibre frame. It has 6 x Emax RS2205 2300kv motors and 6 x FVT LittleBee 30A Escs controlled by a CC3D Revolution flight controller with LibrePilot installed. It has an Eachine 700TVL 480p fpv camera with video stream transmitted by a 200mw transmitter.

I’ve flown the QAV 350 a couple times and it is a solid hexacopter reaching very high speeds thanks to its 6″ propellers and Emax motors. I’ve also placed a GoPro holder for cinematic shots. CC3D FC with LibrePilot gives many options like GPS hold, return home or autopiloting but I will upgrade the QAV 350 with a DJI A3/A3 Pro in the feature.

RD210 Racing Quad

This one is my favourite quad that I’ve flown. And as you can see from the picture above, it’s the one that has the most experience in flight hours. It’s light, fast and easy to fly.

RD210 is built on a 210mm carbon fibre frame with 4 x Emax MT2204 2300kv motors, an Omnibus Flip32 F4 flight controller with Betaflight installed. Power is distributed with a Matek PDB and the video is captured and transmitted by a RTS TS5828L Camera.

RD210 is a great acrobatic/racing drone to take on a sunday flight. It uses 5045 propellers to give it a decent speed and agility.

Eachine QX90

QX90 is a tiny 90mm drone that is suitable for indoor flight and has a great fpv camera. It is also the only drone that I haven’t built myself. I really love how small it is but it really isn’t suitable for outdoor flight. It is so lightweight that a light breeze can knock it off. Despite that it has great structure and very resistant to crashes.

Currently betaflight is installed in QX90.

Other Gear

Apart from the drones I am using a FrSky Taranis x9D Plus for data transmission and a Fat Shark Dominator V3 as FPV googles. I’ve also purchased an eachine drone case to carry my drones around. Even though QAV 350 cannot fit inside it RD210, QX90 and my Taranis are living happily in it.

Here is a family photo

That’s all my gear aside from voltage meters, solder irons tens of screwdrivers and hundreds of spare parts and screws. I would love to enlarge my collection in the future and maybe build a hexacopter with the size of a Freefly Alta 6 that can carry a RED camera.

I’m not saying I know everything but if you have any question about drones (or their electronics) I have gathered some decent experience and I can try to answer them.

Thanks for stopping by. See you on the next projects.