Hello World

Hello World


Hello everyone,

Finally took the leap and built my own website. Even for a man so deep in technology I was surprised at what an amateur I was at web design and websites.

I feel dizzy by all these new terms, widgets, html and CSS codes and all the stuff. It is actually pretty intimidating even for a person who writes C++ code.

Thankfully the design and all the little things is now handled by a theme but sad to see how limited it is.

I feel a different kind of happiness over this website and plan to make it a tutorial hub and archive for myself. And I feel proud that I have finally made a commitment for such a long run job.

I will be posting here regularly about Houdini and other stuff. I may even sometimes upload tutorials that I may not upload anywhere else.

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Here is a sneak peek from the upcoming tutorial…

Recursion in VEX?

Start of the day This a sphere, so what?

The only thing VEX sucks is there is no recursion!

…me a month ago

In the upcoming tutorial we will be looking at how to write a recursive VEX code. By nature there is no recursion in VEX but I will show you an idea that applies to almost all situations.